AG Acid Gas Burner

AG Acid Gas Burner

Burner Description:

The Zeeco AG Burner is designed to burn acid gases.

Burner Design Features:

  • Two fuel connections: One for refinery fuel gas and one for the acid gas
  • Stable flame over a wide range of conditions
  • Turndown of 5:1 or greater for most cases
  • No flashback
  • Long service life
  • Operations with a wide range of fuels
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) gas tips for refinery fuel gas, acid or toxic gases
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) gas tips for Acid Gas with refractory top

Burner Design Information

Burner Model: AG Acid Gas Burner
Fuels: Refinery fuel gas (RFG) and acid gas
Description: Acid gas burner
NOx Reduction Method: None
Predicted NOx Emissions Range (Natural Draft): 100 ppmv with RFG
Combustion Air Induction: Natural or forced draft
Mounting Options: Side-fired
Natural Draft Heat Release Range: 1 MM to 25 MM Btu/hr [0.293 to 7.325 MW]
Turndown: 5:1
Typical Excess Air Range: sub stoich. to 15%
Burner Data Sheet
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