Post Combustion Treatment

The goal of any incineration or thermal oxidation process is to control the amount volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released to the environment. While these systems typically achieve high destruction of VOCs, additional air pollutants may be generated during combustion of certain compounds in the waste stream. If released to the atmosphere without further treatment, these compounds can form secondary air pollutants.

Post Combustion Treatment

Zeeco provides a variety of proven, environmentally beneficial solutions for post combustion treatment. Depending on the application and the components of the flue gas, one or more devices can be incorporated to form a compact waste treatment system:

  • Wet Scrubbers for HCI Removal
  • Wet Scrubbers for SO2 Removal
  • Baghouses (Fabric Filters) for Particulate Removal and Acid Gas Scrubbing
  • Venturi Scrubbers for Particulate Removal and Acid Gas Scrubbing
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for Post-Combustion NOx Removal
  • Selective Noncatalytic Reduction (SNCR) for Post-Combustion NOx Removal
  • Options for Catalytic Reduction of Dioxins and Furans

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