Zeeco Vapor Combustion Rental (vapour combustor)

Vapor Combustor Rentals

Zeeco maintains a rental fleet of skid and trailer-mounted vapor combustor units (VCUs) staged around the world and available on demand. Designed with the end user in mind, our rental vapor combustors offer easy operation and installation within a matter of hours. Whether you need a simple skid-mounted design, or a fully-automated, trailer mounted ZEECO® ZEPHYR™, users depend on our proven, reliable smokeless solutions.

From the full spectrum of high flow and pressure hydrocarbon rich streams to lean low pressure contaminated air streams, our rental systems make automatic operational adjustments to provide consistent smokeless operation and high destruction efficiencies.

Fully enclosed to efficiently use both combustion and quench air, Zeeco’s vapor combustors maintain precise chamber temperatures to ensure optimal destruction and removal efficiencies (DRE) to meet or exceed the most stringent clean-air standards. Our vapor combustors can be fully automatic or manually operated, depending on your specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Design Features:

  • Wide range of flow rates, including up to 4800 gpm for vapor loading
  • Destruction efficiencies up to 99.9% with sample ports for testing
  • Full turndown capability
  • Smokeless performance from 0% to 100% operation
  • Completely hidden flame and zero emitted radiation
  • Flame arrestors on inlet for flashback prevention
  • Automatic on/off operation for loading facilities based on pump operations
  • Interchangeable tip designs for broad relief conditions
  • Adjustable or controlled by forced draft to facilitate better mixing and stoichiometric combustion at the burner assembly
  • Natural draft dampers for chamber combustion air and temperature control of vapor combustor
  • Internal ceramic fiber refractory lining
  • Thermowell and thermocouple for temperature monitoring of combustion chamber
  • Fully automated controls system for automatic flame ignition and monitoring with electric or solar power
  • Retractable pilot can be removed and maintained without shutting down
  • DOT-compliant trailer-mounted option for easy transportation
  • Trailer option with hydraulic outriggers and stack lift system for simple setup without need for cranes
  • Skid mounted option for longer-term usage periods
  • Can be used as a thermal oxidizer, flare, or vapor combustor to meet local regulations and existing permits

Options Available:

  • Anti-flashback burners for supplemental flashback protection
  • ZEECO Guardian™ for wireless monitoring and operation
  • ZEECO ProFlame™ flame scanners
  • Flame and detonation arrestors
  • Assist gas for maintaining internal operating temperatures for high DRE
  • Forced draft fan for smokeless operation
  • Vapor blower for low/no pressure gas operation
  • Solar-powered ignition system
  • Auto or manual spark ignition
  • Knock out drums and instrumentation
  • Integrated dock safety system for loading applications

Common Applications and Installations

Common Installation Common Application
Marine and truck loading terminal
  • Vapor control during liquid loading
  • Vapor venting for pressure relief
Wellhead site
  • Blowout prevention
  • Vent vapor space
  • Relieve cavern pressure
  • Flare or incinerator maintenance
  • Temporary relief during equipment replacement
Tank farm / Liquid storage
  • Tank degassing
  • Steam-out / cleaning
  • Vapor control during contents transfer
Gas processing plant
  • Flare or incinerator maintenance
  • Temporary relief during equipment replacement
  • Test site capacity to accurately size permanent equipment
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