SM-1S-HEI Pilot

Pilot Design Information

Pilot Model: SM-1S-HEI
Pilot Ignition Method: High Energy Ignition
Pilot Heat Release: 90,000 Btu/hr @ 10 psig with natural gas
Pilot Operating Pressure Range: 5 psig to 15 psig
Pilot Fuel Range with Single Tip: 100% propane to 90% hydrogen
Pilot Tip Material: HK or 310 SS
Pilot Flame Shield: HK or 310 SS
Pilot Spud: 304 SS
Pilot Mixer Material: 304 SS
Pilot Riser Material: 304 SS
Flame Rod Provided: Required
Flame Rod Material: Kanthal
Flame Rod Insulation: Insulated to prevent moisture
Ignition Rod Provided: Not Applicable
Ignition Rod Material: Not Applicable
Ignition Requirements: 2 Joules
SM Pilot Brochure
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Burner Data Sheet
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