GLSF Free-Jet Round Flame Burner

GLSF Free-Jet Round Flame Burner

The picture in our gallery shows Zeeco’s GLSF Free-Jet round flame burners in operation. The design uses the Free-Jet method of mixing the fuel gas ejected from the gas tips with the surrounding inert products of combustion which dramatically lowers thermal NOx production. In addition to great NOx reduction performance, the design offers a great turndown of typically 10:1 or greater and each tip only has one large firing port.

Burner Description:

The Zeeco GLSF Free-Jet burner is a Next Generation emissions round flame burner.

Burner Design Features:

  • Stable flame over a wide range of conditions
  • High turndown of 10:1 or greater for most cases
  • No stabilization metal used in the burner throat
  • Tips have only a single firing port and do not require a small ignition port
  • Low maintenance cost since tip mass is small and exposed into firebox less than 1" (25 mm)
  • Low maintenance cost since the tips do not have small ignition ports which are prone to plug
  • Compact design makes this burner a great choice for retrofit applications
  • Low probability of flame interaction since the burners are smaller and gas is not swirled
  • Great heat flux profile
  • Reasonable cost and great value
  • Combustion air dampers are controlled by gears for precise control
  • Bearings are used for the combustion air damper shafts for smooth, precise operation
  • Configurations available: plenum mounted or individual wind-box
  • 304 Stainless Steel fuel gas risers
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) gas tips

Burner Design Information

Burner Model: GLSF Free-Jet Burner
Fuels: Gas Only
Description: Round Flame Next Generation Ultra-Low Emissions
NOx Reduction Method: Internal Flue Gas Recirculation by Free-Jet Mixing
Predicted NOx Emissions Range (Natural Draft): 6 ppmv to 20 ppmv
Predicted NOx Emissions Range (600°F Air Preheat): 10 ppmv to 25 ppmv
Combustion Air Induction: Natural, Forced, Induced & Balanced Draft
Mounting Options: Up-fired, Down-fired & Side-fired
Natural Draft Heat Release Range: 1 MM to 20 MM Btu/hr [0.293 to 5.86 MW]
Forced Draft Heat Release Range: 1 MM to 350 MM Btu/hr [0.293 to 102.6 MW]
Turndown: 10:1
Typical Excess Air Range: 10% to 25%