AF air-assisted flare tip


When smokeless flaring is desired and neither steam nor assist gas is available, blowers can be used to inject combustion air directly into the waste gas stream as it exits the flare tip. The ZEECO AF air assisted flare tip incorporates a proprietary design that splits the waste gas stream into several smaller streams at the top of the flare to increase the gas / air contact surface area and promote better mixing. This key design feature maximizes the waste gas / assist air mixing while minimizing the amount of forced air required and resultant blower horsepower. Forced air from the blowers and gas from the flare header are routed separately from the base of the flare stack to the top of the flare. At no point do the air and gas mix prior to leaving the flare tip, ensuring the safety of the system. In addition, with this design concept, any ZEECO AF air assisted flare can operate without the blowers being on and provide for safe disposal of the waste gases in the event of a power outage. The Series AF flare tip produces a superior quality flame, which stays erect during all atmospheric and flow conditions. Flame lick on the exterior of the flare and burnback inside the flare tip, are virtually eliminated by the forced air from the blowers, which create a strong upward velocity, making the impact from the wind minimal in shaping or moving the flame. The forced air also shortens the flame length and reduces radiation at grade by ensuring a very aerated mixture at the exit of the flare tip.

Air-Assisted Flare
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Flares Data Sheet
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