Zeeco GB Conventional Emissions Boiler Burner

GB Conventional Emissions Boiler Burner

Burner Description:

The ZEECO® GB Burner is engineered to solve complex issues, simply. This axial, parallel-flow, register-type burner, is based on a design proven in the combustion industry for more than 40 years. By employing advanced fuel and air staging techniques and incorporating the Z-Jet™ staged gas manifold, it can reliably achieve emissions as low as 18 ppm with Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR), while eliminating flameout or flash back. Flexible and dependable, the GB design can be fired with or without FGR, with multiple fuels, and across both single and multi-burner applications. With no moving parts, the GB burner is engineered for quick startups – typically completed in a week with little to no field adjustment.

GB Burner Benefits:

  • More compact flame pattern than the competition
  • Can meet same or lower emissions with less FGR
    than other burner manufacturers
  • Scroll design available for low-Btu fuels
  • Suitable for low fuel gas pressure applications