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Zeeco Brazil

Headquartered in São Paulo, São Paulo State, Zeeco Brazil is a subsidiary of Zeeco, Inc., one of the world's most recognized manufacturers of combustion products and clean-air solutions for the refining, production, LNG, petrochemical, power, pharmaceutical, and biogas industries.

Zeeco Brazil product lines include low- and ultra-low NOx process burners, boiler burners and duct burners, elevated smokeless gas or liquid flaring systems, utility flares, flare stacks, and hazardous waste incinerators (or thermal oxidizers). ZEECO brand systems are engineered for ultimate safety, reliability, and long-life performance to ensure your facility operates cleanly and efficiently, and in compliance with local, national, and international codes and environmental standards. At Zeeco Brazil, we speak your language, live and work in your time zone, and understand your customs. Zeeco Brazil offers local engineering expertise and carefully chosen partners for local manufacturing, including local quality control management.

Zeeco Brazil also provides complete aftermarket services, parts, and field response to ensure plants are returned to service as quickly as possible should the unexpected occur.



  • Complete sales and project engineering team to ensure system excellence
  • Quality Control inspection for local fabrication
  • Process and mechanical design
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • 3D modeling
  • Physical modeling
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Testing
  • Third party site construction
  • Installation, startup, pre-commissioning and commissioning
  • Trouble-shooting, surveys, and technical support
  • Aftermarket parts, service, and engineered solutions

Contact Zeeco Brazil to learn more about us. We're ready to discuss your goals and benchmarks to dramatically improve your operations.

Contact Us:

Av. Nove de Julho, 3452 – 11°andar.

Jd. Paulista - São Paulo/SP - Brazil

CEP 01406-000

Phone: +55 (11) 3063 1511

Fax: +55 (11) 3063 1731

Email: zeeco_brazil@zeeco.com