Zeeco GB Conventional Emissions Boiler Burner

GB Conventional Emissions Boiler Burner

Burner Description:

The Zeeco GB Conventional Emissions burner is used for Boiler Applications.

Burner Design Features:

  • Higher efficiency: Lower excess air and FGR than the competition–lower CO2 footprint and less boiler impact with lower capital cost
  • Wide variety of fuels: Designed to fire fuels from natural gas, #6/#2 fuel oils, low Btu gases (blast furnace gas/ coke oven gas), opportunity fuels, waste streams
  • Highly reliable, field proven technology: To meet even the most challenging emissions reduction projects while maintaining high efficiency and reliability
  • High heat inputs: GB burners can be designed with heat inputs in excess of 360 MMBtu/hr per burner
  • Multi-industry applications: One burner that can be applied to all boiler types, included package/industrial/utility/ fluidized bed/stoker boilers
  • New boilers: Applicable for cost effective new boiler applications
  • Retrofit boiler applications: The GB burner installation can be recognized with little to no pressure part modifications
  • Minimal start-up time: Pre-engineered burner systems, along with physical modeling, allows for minimal field startup time
  • Total system approach: Full Scope of supply with BMS/combustion controls/valve trains/installation/commissioning
  • Value pricing: Lower risk, safer, more reliable burner technology, backed by the strength of one of the world’s largest and most trusted combustion companies