GLSF Free-Jet Flat Flame Gas Burner

GLSF Free-Jet Flat Flame Gas Burner

The picture in the gallery is Zeeco’s GLSF Free-Jet flat flame burner in operation at our test facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The Free-Jet burner design is able to achieve great NOx emissions and heat flux profile. Wall-fired and free-standing versions are available to be tailored for the customer's specific application. For wall-fired applications greater than 6 MM Btu/hr [1.758 MW] the burner will have gas lances tailored for the heat flux profile and to keep the flame from rolling over toward the tubes.

Burner Description:

The Zeeco GLSF Free-Jet burner is a Next Generation emissions flat flame burner.

Burner Design Features:

  • Stable flame over a wide range of conditions
  • High turndown of 10:1 or greater for most cases
  • No stabilization metal used in the burner throat
  • Tips have only a single firing port and do not require a small ignition port
  • Low maintenance cost since tip mass is small and exposed into firebox less than 1" (25 mm)
  • Low maintenance cost since the tips do not have small ignition ports which are prone to plug
  • Compact design makes this burner a great choice for retrofit applications
  • Great heat flux profile
  • Reasonable cost and great value
  • Combustion air dampers are controlled by gears for precise control
  • Bearings are used for the combustion air damper shafts for smooth, precise operation
  • Configurations available: plenum mounted or individual wind-box
  • 304 Stainless Steel fuel gas risers
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) gas tips

Burner Design Information

Burner Model: GLSF Free-Jet Burner
Fuels: Gas Only
Description: Flat Flame Next Generation Emissions
NOx Reduction Method: Internal Flue Gas Recirculation by Free-Jet Mixing
Predicted NOx Emissions Range (Natural Draft): 6 ppmv to 20 ppmv
Predicted NOx Emissions Range (600°F Air Preheat): 10 ppmv to 25 ppmv
Combustion Air Induction: Natural, Forced, Induced & Balanced Draft
Mounting Options: Up-fired and Side-fired
Natural Draft Heat Release Range: 1 MM to 12 MM Btu/hr [0.293 to 3.516 MW]
Forced Draft Heat Release Range: 1 MM to 12 MM Btu/hr [0.293 MW to 3.516 MW]
Turndown: 10:1
Typical Excess Air Range: 10% to 25%
Ethylene: Best Available Technology
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Burner Data Sheet
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