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At Zeeco, we are committed to cultivating a safe, inclusive, and responsible work environment. As part of our commitment, we engineer and produce products, services, and solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. In doing so, we drive long-term business value while acting as a steward of our people, the environment, and the communities we serve.


Mitigate CH4 and CO2

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Transition to H2 and Other Renewables

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Control VOC Emissions

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Extend Equipment Life

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Methane & Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reduction

Lower emissions and operate more efficiently by flaring less, flaring better, and preventing fugitive emissions.

According to the EPA, methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) accounted for 90% of all U.S. GHG emissions driven by human activity in 2019. At Zeeco, we look to mitigate the level of GHG emissions from the combustion of fuels, leaks in natural gas systems, and more.

Thought Leadership Forum: Methane & CO2 Emissions Reduction


As new GHG emissions regulations go into effect, Zeeco is committed to providing resources, technology, and support to help companies comply. Play the YouTube video above to hear Zeeco's flare system experts discuss CO2 and methane, identify key areas of focus to reduce emissions of those GHGs in the oil and gas industry, and evaluate tools available today to help meet climate goals.

Reduce CH4 and CO2 Emissions by...

Flaring Less


Flare systems are necessary to keep personnel safe and prevent potentially harmful emissions from venting into the atmosphere. Although, non-safety-related (routine) flaring results in the unnecessary waste of otherwise usable fuels and contributes to millions of tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Achieve Zero Routine Flaring Before 2030 

Zeeco offers a number of solutions to support the World Bank's Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 initiative and help eradicate the routine flaring of approximately 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year.

Save Fuel and Boost ROI with Flare Gas Recovery 

Zeeco designs systems to work with existing flares to help eliminate non-safety-related usage. With the properly engineered and designed system in place, waste gases are recovered, processed, compressed, and returned to the plant to be reused as fuel rather than flared. This process reduces both fuel and flare maintenance costs.

Zeeco’s Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) systems will pay you back through fuel savings and help your plant meet current and future regulations by dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.


Exterior shot of a flare gas recovery unit

Eliminate Continuous Pilot Fuel Gas Usage with ZIP™ Ballistic Ignition System

In situations where flaring cannot be avoided, such as emergency reliefs, steps can be taken to reduce associated emissions. For example, flare systems require an ignition source to ignite relief gases. While direct electrical spark technologies, such as flare pilots, are often required to ignite relief gases, they require a continuous supply of fuel gas to feed a flame at the flare tip exit. 

The ZEECO® Zirconium Instant Pressurized (ZIP) ballistic ignition system achieves more reliable ignition than direct electrical spark technologies and does not require a continuous supply of fuel gas. Instead, the system utilizes zirconium-filled pellets and a striker plate to shower the flare tip exit with sparks and ignite the flare gas. 

When used in tandem with a flare gas recovery unit and a liquid seal, zero hydrocarbon emissions can be achieved during continuous operation.

Flaring Better


The use of more efficient flare systems in the field is critical to lessening the environmental impact of day-to-day operations. Zeeco offers combustion electronics to take the guesswork out of the combustion process and provides engineered solutions to achieve safe and smokeless flaring - anywhere in the world. 

Take the Guesswork Out of the Combustion Process

The FlareGuardian™ direct flare monitoring system measures combustion efficiency (CE) in real time, allowing operators to achieve - and verify - true CE (often 99.5% or higher) well above typically assumed rates (98%). Zeeco’s Contour™ delivers automated, real-time, direct monitoring, as well as smokeless injection media control at a fraction of the cost of indirect measurement systems.

Mitigating Emissions to the Air


To prevent emissions to the air, it is critical for end users to have access to the data they need to make decisions. Zeeco offers a number of products, services, and solutions to help our customers understand equipment performance, monitor areas of concern, and make necessary improvements. 

Transition to H2 and Other Renewables


Applying the proper expertise and experience, burning H2 in steam generation systems and other industrial burner applications can greatly reduce operating fuel costs while also helping to meet new carbon emissions regulations. Hear what our experts had to say about the transition to H2 fuels in our Thought Leadership Forum.

Transition to Hydrogen Fuels by...

Thought Leadership Forum: H2 Fuel & Emissions Reducing Burner Technology


As new GHG emissions regulations go into effect, and Zeeco is committed to providing resources, technology, and support to help companies comply. Play the YouTube video above to hear Zeeco experts explore hydrogen-fired burners, lowering NOx and CO emissions, and the latest advancements in burner technology.

Renewable Projects

With so much focus on reducing emissions, Zeeco is providing plants, facilities, and other operations with the tools necessary to reduce their carbon footprint.

See how Zeeco products are making a real-world impact toward a sustainable future.


Zeeco played a significant role in a major project to convert a North Dakota petroleum refinery into a renewable diesel facility. By providing a redesigned burner and thermal oxidizer package, Zeeco was able to modify the facility’s existing sulfur recovery unit to process renewable fuel, contributing to the production of about 184 million gallons of renewable diesel and naphtha per year.
Zeeco is helping a petroleum refinery in California transition to the manufacturing of renewable fuels. The thermal oxidizer we are supplying will support the refinery’s mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60%, air pollutant emissions by 70%, and reducing water usage by a billion gallons annually. With the help of Zeeco, the facility expects to produce 730 million gallons of lower carbon-intensity renewable fuels per year.
A renewable energy company in Canada is working to build a new plant that will produce millions of gallons of biofuel per year. Zeeco was called on to supply the new plant with a thermal oxidizer package as part of their $875 million dollar project. In total, the plant is expected to convert 200,000 tons of non-recyclable and wood waste into 33 million gallons of biofuel annually.
Zeeco is working with a major oil company in the development of one of the largest commercial green hydrogen production facilities in the world. Zeeco will provide a thermal oxidizer to this European facility to help reduce its carbon footprint. The green hydrogen facility is expected to produce low-carbon fuels such as renewable diesel.
Zeeco is supplying four start-up burners to a waste-to-energy plant in the United Kingdom. That plant is expected to utilize 220,000 tons of renewable diesel fuel per year to power 50,000 homes. In addition, this project is expected to reduce the size of a UK landfill by using it as a source of renewable diesel fuel.

VOC Emissions Control 


Hydrocarbons are transported and stored multiple times throughout the production life cycle; even when idle in storage, changes in temperature and pressure will generate VOCs. Zeeco’s activated carbon adsorption vapor recovery units recover some or all of those hydrocarbons as a liquid that can be returned as a valuable product instead of lost during combustion or as a fugitive emission—without producing any thermal NOx.

Control VOCs with... 

Carbon Adsorption Vapor Recovery Units

Ariel shot of a Carbon Absorption Vapor Recovery Unit

Extending equipment life

Technology Developed for Space Improves Operations on Earth


We partnered with Emisshield® to utilize award-winning coatings technology developed for space to benefit fired equipment applications here on earth. Emisshield® water-based ceramic nano-emissive coatings extend the life and enhance the performance of fired equipment using a proprietary application process that changes the physics and thermodynamics of heat transfer of any surface.

Long-lasting equipment ensures proper performance over extended periods of time and limits shutdowns required for service and maintenance. And with improved overall temperature uniformity, efficient, effective combustion is easier to achieve and maintain.

Extend the life of your equipment with... 

Custom Engineered Solutions

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Work adjusting equipment

High Emissivity Coatings 

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ZEECO High Emissivity Coatings by Emisshield

Flare Tip Drone Inspections

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Worker piloting drone for flare inspection

Minimizing Global Travel


Addressing environmental issues means utilizing fewer resources to accomplish our goals. By employing immersive technologies, such as our Global Bridge AR field kit, to serve customers in remote facilities, we can mitigate the need for global travel and reduce the carbon footprint of our business operations.

ZEECO Global Bridge Augmented Reality Field Kit