HPAAS flare tip (air assisted flare)


Zeeco has exclusive rights to HPAAS flare tip technology. Aramco in Saudi Arabia developed and patented the HPAAS flare tip technology, and Zeeco is the exclusive licensee for the worldwide sale and production of the HPAAS flare tip technology. The HPAAS flare tip assembly is specifically designed for applications where water is scarce or the cost of steam is high. This system produces smokeless burning of saturated hydrocarbon flare gas streams that are the result of oil production, tank vapors, or continuous gas leakage from refining or production processes. Instead of steam, the HPAAS flare tip assembly uses air from a compressor to produce smokeless burning.

HPAAS Advantages

  • The air requirement is very low, and the use of compressed air means the air supply line on the flare stack is very small
  • The system is well suited for retrofits to an existing non-smokeless flare system.
  • Air injection creates smokeless burning, shapes the flare flame in the wind, prevents burn back on the flare tip assembly, and cools the flare tip shell, all resulting in a longer flare tip useful life.
HPAAS Flares Brochure
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Flares Data Sheet
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