UFAA flare tip


UFAA flare systems are used for applications where smokeless flaring is preferred for normal or low flow operation, and the gases being flared would produce smoke without some type of assist. This flare tip uses a small amount of air from a blower, located at grade, to produce smokeless burning and a clean flame for purge, normal, or low flow rate conditions. This system is typically used when the required smokeless flow rate is small compared to the possible maximum flow rate in the flare system.

Elevated Air Assisted Advantages:

  • This system is used when other assist mediums, such as steam or assist gas, are either not available, not preferred or not economical.
  • Air injected by a small blower produces smokeless burning with minimal requirements in horsepower and with minimal impact to the total capital cost of the flare system.
  • The UFAA system is designed so it can be retrofitted to any existing non-smokeless utility type pipe flare tip assembly to achieve some level of smokeless performance.
Air-Assisted Flare
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Flares Data Sheet
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