Zeeco Low BTU Gas Flare - flame retention ring

Low BTU Gas Flare

Certain gases that need to be burned in a flare system have very low heating values. Burning these gases with high destruction efficiency requires a special flare tip design that EPA testing and guidelines require to have a low exit velocity and a stable/reliable source of ignition. These flares are typically used for ammonia, hydrogen sulfide/acid gas streams, venting from CO2 floods, and any other situation where a high amount of inert gases are combined with combustible hydrocarbons. Zeeco Low BTU Gas Flares are designed with multiple features to ensure ignition of these low heating value gases.

Low BTU Gas Advantages

  • Zeeco’s special low BTU gas flare system is equipped with extra pilot assemblies for ignition, a specially designed full perimeter flame retention ring assembly, an extended windshield, and (for certain cases) an ignition ring assembly.
  • The extended-height windshield allows the flare gases to premix with air in the same zone where the pilot flames are located, ensuring reliable and efficient ignition and protection against the wind shearing the flame off the flare tip prior to the gases igniting.
Flares Data Sheet
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