Zeeco Enclosed Ground Flare

Enclosed Ground Flares

Zeeco’s Totally Enclosed Ground Flare (TEGF) systems use an efficient burner design to provide smokeless operation inside of a combustion chamber that completely conceals the flare flame.  The combustion chamber is refractory lined to provide long service life and significantly reduced noise levels.  TEGF systems are typically installed in crowded areas of a plant, in close proximity to other processing equipment. Zeeco’s design allows operation of these units in tight spaces while keeping operators safe. 

A few of the advantages of Zeeco’s Totally Enclosed Ground Flare system are listed below:

  • Clean, smokeless burning for a range of flare gas compositions
  • No radiation outside the unit
  • No visible emissions
  • Low noise
  • No air or steam assist required
  • Suitable for a large range of gas pressures
  • Proven field designs
  • Unlimited turndown capability
  • High efficiency combustion with high destruction efficiency
  • Safe design with low maintenance and long service life
  • Critical components are easily maintainable outside of the unit while still in operation
  • Low operating costs
Enclosed Ground Flares Brochure
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Flares Data Sheet
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