Multi-point ground flare

ZEECO® Multi-Point Ground Flare - MPGF

When highly variable volumes of waste gas must be flared smokelessly, but exceed the practical design limits of a single steam assisted or air assisted flare, our MultiPoint Ground Flare may be the perfect solution. ZEECO® Multi-Point Ground Flares are designed and engineered to meet specific process requirements for pressure, flow, radiant heat, noise, and flame visibility control. Whether your plant is near a neighborhood, airport, or environmentally sensitive area such as a wildlife habitat, the seasoned team at Zeeco will assess, design, model, engineer, produce, and install a low-profile Multi Point Ground Flare system that protects your plant, employees, reputation, and the environment.

Design Features

  • Very high smokeless capacity
  • Long flare life
  • Minimized utility requirements
  • High turndown
  • Steam/Air assist options available for low pressure situations

Typical Applications

  • Plants in densely populated, residential, or environmentally sensitive areas
  • Very high capacity flare systems where elevated flares are impractical
  • Near airports where elevated flares are unsuitable
  • Smokeless flaring for ethylene, propylene, and butadiene
  • LNG plants and production
  • Olefins facilities