Zeeco HSLF Hurricane Test

Flare Pilots

Pilot Types

  • HSLF Series
    HSLF Pilot
    • Tested to withstand 170 MPH (274 km/h) hurricane-force wind and rain in both horizontal and vertical firing positions
    • No welded seams in high heat zone
    • Investment cast components to ensure longer service life
    • Pilot mixer and pilot firing tip are matched to function on a wide range of fuels
    • Can be easily retrofitted to any existing flare tip assembly
  • CFP Series
  • Continuous Sparking
  • Retractable (EGF)
  • Pilot Retraction Systems

Flame Front Generators (FFG)

  • Requires Continual Supply of Fuel Gas
  • Requires Ignition Gas and Ignition Air Supplies During Ignition Sequencing
  • Can be Supplied with Manual, Automatic or a Combination (Auto/Man) Mode

High Energy Electronic Ignition (HEI)

  • Requires Continual Supply of Fuel Gas
  • Consists of High Energy Ignition Module and Ignition Probe (On Pilot)
  • Reliable / Non-Fouling Direct Ignition

Pilot Monitors

  • Thermocouples
  • Retractable Thermocouples
  • Flame Ionization
  • Optical Monitor – VerifEye™ fiber optic