Zeeco Multi-Jet Sonic Flare

Multi-Jet Sonic

MJ (Multi-Jet) Sonic flare systems are used primarily for applications in the oil and gas production industry, both onshore and offshore. They are used where high flare gas pressures are available (15 psig and up) and the customer prefers to have some smokeless burning capability and also lower radiation levels. Zeeco can design Multi-Jet flare tip assemblies with either a fixed exit area or with a variable exit area. Variable exit area tips use a special high-reliability spring force system to reduce the exit flow area at lower flare header pressure levels.

MJ Advantages

  • Designed specifically to ensure high stability and high destruction efficiency, even with sonic velocity at the tip exit point.
  • The flare tip has many smaller diameter exit nozzles, resulting in a much larger flare gas to ambient air contact surface and much higher air inspiration volumes and increased turbulence in the combustion zone.