Single-Point Sonic flare systems are used primarily for applications in the oil and gas production industry, both onshore and offshore. They are also used in refining, chemical, and any other flaring situation where the flare system pressure is high enough to generate sonic velocity at the flare tip exit point.

Single-Point Sonic Advantages

  • Single-Point sonic flare systems typically have non-assisted or steam assisted flare tips that have special stabilizers built into the flare tip exit point.
  • These special stabilizers ensure the flare flame will not “lift-off.” Promoting a stable flame at the flare tip exit point also ensures a very high destruction efficiency.
  • Single-Point sonic flare systems also ensure the flare tip diameter is kept as minimal as possible, thereby resulting in lower equipment and utility costs, a longer flare tip life, less flame pull down, and a smaller wind profile for structural forces on the stack or boom support system.
Flares Data Sheet
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