HCL Steam-Assisted Flare


In Zeeco’s HCL flare tip design, the steam injection manifold is moved from the top of the flare tip to a point near the base of the flare tip. This moves the steam injection nozzles away from the heat of the flare flame, and into a position where a noise shroud can be added to muffle the jet noise from the steam injection. The HCL flare tip uses a system of internal steam / air tubes to route an air / steam mixture from the steam injection manifold up the interior of the flare tip and discharge this steam / air mixture directly into the gas column as it exits the flare tip. The steam and air mixture is injected directly into the flare gas at numerous points across the diameter of the flare tip, and not just from the perimeter as in most standard steam flare designs. The design of the steam injection nozzles and internal steam / air tubes ensures the highest possible steam efficiency in controlling smoke. The HCL flare tip design can reduce the required amount of steam for a particular smokeless rate by 35-40% below that required in a standard steam flare tip with upper steam injection only.

HCL Steam Assisted Flare Brochure
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Flares Data Sheet
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