Zeeco MJS Steam Assisted Flare Tip Assembly


Zeeco’s Multi-Jet Steam Assisted flare tip assembly is used for smokeless burning of low pressure, heavy hydrocarbons. This Zeeco flare tip assembly is commonly used for applications associated with the flaring of low pressure or medium pressure gases from chemical plants and refineries. This type of flare tip is used for flaring gases such as acetylene, butadiene, butylene, xylene, and so forth.

Zeeco normally uses medium to low pressure steam as the assist medium to inspirate air, create turbulence, and produce smokeless burning in MJS systems.  The benefits to this approach include:

  • Our MJS flares divide flare gas into multiple small-diameter nozzles at the flare tip exit point, allowing for much better air accessibility.
  • The smaller flames from these multiple nozzles and increased access to the surrounding air results in lower assist utility requirements and higher smokeless flow rates. This increases the efficiency of injecting assist steam for smokeless burning.
  • This flare tip assembly has the ability to burn these very heavy gases smokelessly using the lowest possible steam assist quantities.
Flares Data Sheet
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