QFS Steam-Assisted Flare


Zeeco’s QFS Steam Assisted flare tip provides control of smoke in a flare system at an affordable cost. The design of the QFS steam injection nozzle minimizes the noise associated with steam injection. The proprietary QFS steam nozzle is designed using a number of injection ports to successfully reduce the steam injection noise to well below that of conventional steam assisted flare tips. Injection of steam at the flare tip exit point provides more than smokeless performance. The steam also “shapes” the flare flame in high wind conditions, eliminating the downwind flame impingement seen on many non-assisted flare tips. The steam also assists in lowering the radiation level at grade, by lowering the emissivity of the flare flame, and by providing an upward vector to stand the flame up in a crosswind.

QFS Steam Assisted Flare Brochure
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Flares Data Sheet
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