Vent Systems

Vent Systems dispose of gases that are not burned in a flare or incinerator. Vent Systems disperse these gases into the atmosphere to ensure the gas concentrations are below combustible or toxic levels.


  • Offshore platforms
  • LNG terminals
  • Hydrogen plants
  • Small gas plants

A vent is commonly used for:

  • Gases that are lighter than air
  • Gases that will not combust
  • Infrequent relief sources

Put Zeeco’s Experience to Work for You

Designing Vent Systems requires software and expertise in dispersion and concentration analysis. Zeeco’s staff members have extensive experience in design, fabrication, and operation of Vent Systems. Our Vent Systems include technology that reduces static electricity, which gas with high exit velocities can produce. Our vents also reduce air ingress into the system, and are constructed of flame-resistant materials in case vented gasses should ignite. Zeeco can also supply vent snuffing systems for extinguishing vents that happen to ignite. Put our Vent System experience to work for you!

Flares Data Sheet
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