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Power & Steam Generation

Power & Steam Generation

Headquartered in Plainville, CT, USA, Zeeco’s Power group is comprised of industry experts who combine decades of combustion experience with cutting edge technology to provide innovative solutions and seamless project execution. With an average industry experience of 20+ years and an ever-growing installation list of more than 1,000 burners, our team is a cohesive working unit small enough to answer the phone yet large enough to execute global projects. Customers can put our industry experience and worldwide manufacturing to work on power projects around the globe.11

Zeeco’s reputation for delivering on our promises is unparalleled in the industry. And, Zeeco’s ISO 9001 accredited quality management system ensures an interactive, responsive process of review and leads to lean manufacturing processes.

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Liquefied Natural Gas Plant


Zeeco is the world leader of advanced combustion and environmental technologies for the LNG industry. Our flaring systems and thermal oxidizers – some of them among the largest and most complex systems ever built – keep LNG plants around the globe operating cleaner and more efficiently while meeting the strictest regulations and permitting.

Zeeco’s smokeless flares enjoy an industry-leading destruction rate of 99.5%-plus. Our thermal oxidizers destroy 99.99% of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams. From Australia and Qatar to the United States Gulf Coast, only Zeeco offers the LNG industry the experience and expertise to design and construct flares and incinerators to meet any operational or emissions challenge.

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Offshore & Marine Capabilities

Marine & Offshore

Marine and offshore flare and burner applications are mission-critical and downtime is not an option. Choose Zeeco’s proven expertise in every aspect of combustion equipment for:

  • Ships
  • Floating Production Storage and Offloading vessels (FPSO)
  • Liquid Natural Gas Carriers (LNGC)
  • Liquid Natural Gas Bunker vessels
  • Floating Liquid Natural Gas carriers (FLNG)
  • Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRU)
  • Floating Storage Units (FSU)
  • Offshore platforms

From marine burners for ship’s auxiliary boilers to the design, engineering, and fabrication of a complete marine boiler module or smokeless flare system, Zeeco offers matchless quality and service.

We know your marine and offshore applications operate in harsh and isolated environments. That’s why we manufacture, test, and install dependable equipment purpose-built to withstand both the elements and the process demands.

From the South China Sea and South America to India, Africa, and the North Sea, our offshore, FPSO, and FLNG flare systems operate around the world to deliver on time and on budget, every time. Call or email Zeeco today to put our engineers to work for you.

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Zeeco has been producing the highest quality and most efficient burners, flare systems, and thermal oxidizers (incinerators) for the refining industry since its inception more than 40 years ago. Since then, hundreds of refineries around the world have turned to Zeeco for the industry’s best available technology. From research, design, and manufacturing to start-up, training, and aftermarket support, our world-class combustion engineers deliver the highest quality solutions for the refining industry’s most stringent environmental and safety regulations.

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Ammonia Capabilities


At Zeeco, we understand ammonia production is complicated. When you’re upgrading your ammonia facility to comply with rigorous environmental and safety requirements, you need a combustion company that understands the intricacies of your business and the importance of your deadlines. With over 25 global locations, Zeeco is ready to solve your most pressing thermal process challenges and provide exceptional customer service, unparalleled by any other manufacturer in the industry.

Zeeco’s combustion engineers and ammonia experts have worked in facilities across the globe, upgrading everything from reformers and boiler burners to low Btu flares and thermal oxidizers. Utilizing Zeeco’s combustion research and test facility – the largest of its kind in the world – our experts have conducted extensive testing and validation to cultivate innovative advances in design considerations for the stable, efficient, and clean combustion of ammonia process gas.

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Our focus on the whole combustion process is what makes Zeeco a world leader in combustion and environmental solutions. We take a more complete view of plant processes, interactions, and regulatory requirements to deliver the next-generation ultra-low emissions burners, smokeless flare systems, high-efficiency thermal oxidizers, and more for olefins plants around the world.

Choose a combustion company that understands your daily operating conditions and how the right equipment can solve challenges, save money, and keep your olefins plant and personnel safe day after day.


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Exploration and Production

Exploration & Production

Production flares, well site flares and tank vent flares designed by Zeeco operate in nearly every major unconventional and conventional oil and gas gathering field today. From open and enclosed Well Test Flares to portable Vapor Combustors (Thermal Oxidizers) and  Trailer Flaring Systems, all Zeeco flare stacks meet the latest EPA standards and our Enclosed Ground Flare systems meet the NSPS OOOO (QuadO), OOOOa, and Maximum Achievable Control Technology HH/HHH code of regulations. ZEECO® Enclosed Ground Flares have been proven to meet EPA’s standard for the Combustion Control Devices Manufacturer’s Performance Test. Whether you are Upstream or Midstream, trust the world leader in combustion expertise for your production and completion needs.

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