Many thermal oxidizer and incinerator systems in service today are outdated and inefficient. Retrofits allow new equipment, Best Available Control Technology (BACT), or additional features to be added to older systems that can improve plant performance / efficiency / reliability / increase throughput / reduce existing emissions for a fraction of the cost for new equipment. Zeeco’s combustion experts and Field Service teams are equipped with engineering and operations experience to understand the challenges you face and the timelines you work under. Consider a Zeeco retrofit solution.
Zeeco CFD

Why Retrofit:

  • De-bottleneck an existing incinerator or thermal oxidizer
  • New emissions regulation compliance
  • Accommodate process feed changes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Preserve capital
  • Reduce downtime
  • Refurbish or repurpose existing equipment
Turnkey Solutions & Modularized Systems
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Zeeco Incinerator & Thermal Oxidizer Inquiry Data Sheet
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