Vent Stacks

Vent Stacks are used to discharge gasses to the atmosphere at a safe and environmentally friendly elevation. The required elevation and discharge velocity is dictated by a variety of design parameters. These include the vent stack’s location and surrounding structures as well as the vent gas temperature, constituents, allowable ground level concentrations, odor threshold, corrosion requirements and structural integrity. Structural integrity should consider all possible live loads, earthquake and wind conditions.

Design Configurations: Zeeco Vent Stack

  • Single or double wall
  • Self, derrick or guy wire supported
  • Internal refractory lining or external insulation
  • Carbon steel, alloy, fiberglass construction
  • Strakes, tuned mass damper, or damping pad
  • Retractable or fixed aircraft warning lights
  • Rainshield material galvanized, aluminum, stainless
  • Ladders and platforms

Design Codes:

  • Any globally applicable design code, such as:
    • ASME STS-1
    • CICIND
    • IS 6533

Additional Features:

  • Custom thermal design to prevent corrosion
  • Single or multiple piece lift configurations available
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