Zeeco Duct Burner Installed - Edits

TEG+ Duct Burners

The next generation ZEECO® TEG+ Duct Burner provides the most reliable supplementary firing system available for today’s demanding HRSG and Turbine Exhaust Gas (TEG) applications. Our self-supporting burners eliminate the need for internal fixed structural support, which can cause binding and overall deformation – dramatically reducing installation time and material costs. TEG+ burners use flame stabilizers featuring an optimized drilled wing orifice pattern to create a short, compact flame. The nozzle design features pilot flame propagation drilling and varying orifice sizes throughout the runner to ensure highly reliable ignition, even temperature distribution, and consistent flame pattern

TEG+ Duct Burner Advantages

  • Rapid light-off and enhanced load-following capabilities
  • Can fire multiple gaseous fuels for various applications
  • Ability to remove/replace individual gas nozzles
  • Lowest installation/retrofit cost in the industry