Power Services Modeling Photo

We Take Modeling the Extra Mile

Zeeco’s Power division goes the extra mile for each and every boiler burner project. Our state-of-the-art burner analysis tools can reduce your overall time spent in application engineering, start-up, and conditioning of the burner. Zeeco’s modeling practices gives our engineers true insight into a boiler burner’s performance, including where every pound of air and fuel enter the burner.

Physical Airflow Modeling

Zeeco’s design team builds an accurate, three-dimensional clear plastic model that contains all internal components, venturi meters, orifice plates, and more so engineers can physically visualize air flow to each burner. This allows our team of engineers to:

  • Solve distribution issues between burners
  • Proper system pressure drop to ensure optimal performance
  • Ensure proper distribution of air and fuel to meet all project goals and emissions requirements

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling

CFD is a proven modeling tool in the design process used to ensure optimal boiler performance. We analyze the boiler burner’s temperature, velocity, emissions, particle sizes and their interactions within the combustion process. When CFD is used in conjunction with physical flow modeling during a retrofit or performance analysis, combustion engineers can accurately anticipate boiler performance taking into account fuel and air distribution after any solutions indicated by the physical modeling are implemented. CFD modeling focuses on:

  • Flame fit within the required boiler confines
  • Flame behavior and interactions between fuels and respective burners
  • Emissions predictions
  • Firing system temperature profiles for the boiler and downstream heat transfer surfaces