Power Burners


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Headquartered in Plainville, CT, USA, Zeeco’s Power group is comprised of industry experts who combine decades of combustion experience with cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions and seamless project execution. With an average industry experience of 30+ years and an ever-growing installation list of more than 1,000 burners, our team is a cohesive working unit small enough to answer the phone yet large enough to execute global projects. Customers can put our industry experience and worldwide manufacturing to work on power projects around the globe. Zeeco’s reputation for delivering on our promises is unparalleled in the industry. And, Zeeco’s ISO 9001 accredited quality management system ensures an interactive, responsive process of review and leads to lean manufacturing processes.

Free Jet Power Burner

Duct burners

From the largest utility gas turbine to the most challenging duct burner applications, ZEECO duct burners deliver stable, reliable, and low emissions over a wide range of firing conditions. Each duct burner system is specifically engineered to provide supplementary firing for heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), Flue Gas preheat for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Combined Cycle / Co-Gen, or other air heating applications.

Duct Burner TEG Zeeco
Duct Burners - TEG

teg+ Duct Burner

The next generation ZEECO TEG+ Duct Burner provides the most reliable supplementary firing system available for today’s demanding HRSG and Turbine Exhaust Gas (TEG) applications. Our self-supporting burners eliminate the need for internal fixed structural support, which can cause binding and overall deformation – dramatically reducing installation time and material costs. TEG+ burners use flame stabilizers featuring an optimized drilled wing orifice pattern to create a short, compact flame. The nozzle design features pilot flame propagation drilling and varying orifice sizes throughout the runner to ensure highly reliable ignition, even temperature distribution, and consistent flame pattern.

Duct Burners - Register Style

register-style Duct Burner

ZEECO register-style duct burners may be the ideal choice when lower emissions or lower operating O2 levels are a project requirement. Our register-style duct burner delivers high efficiency and excellent reliability across a wide range of both gaseous and liquid fuels, suitable for a variety of TEG firing applications.

Duct Burners - PDH Air Burner

pdh air heater Duct Burner

Propane Dehydrogenation (PDH) regeneration air heaters must operate reliably through extreme gas velocities, high heat releases of up to one billion Btu/hr, fuel composition variations, temperature/pressure fluctuations, and more. Zeeco’s robust vessel, burner, and mounting system design deliver dependable results in harsh conditions and provide lower emissions, improved reliability, and exceptional flexibility for the long term.

boiler burners

ZEECO boiler burners are used to produce heat and steam across a wide range of industries – from refineries and petrochemical plants to power plants and pulp and paper. Advancing long-proven boiler burner designs is nothing new for Zeeco. As a matter of fact, we've led the charge to transform the emissions-heavy, fuel-draining burners of yesteryear into clean, energy-efficient systems that enable industries to increase boiler capacity, introduce new fuel additions or convert to less costly fuels, and reduce CO2.

Zeeco offers a complete line of boiler burners for every application, including low-NOx and ultra-low NOx, conventional, and even standardized burners for immediate needs. Applications can include OTSG, Hot Water Generators, Utility, Power and Steam generation, Package Burners, and more. 

We also engineer sophisticated burner management, safety and control systems, pilots and ignitors, flame scanners, liquid fuel atomizers, and other ancillary equipment to keep operations up and running.

Boiler Burners
Boiler Burners - Free Jet

Free jet

The ZEECO FREE JET burner is a Next Generation emissions round flame burner.

  • Stable flame over a wide range of conditions
  • High turndown of 20:1 on a per burner basis
  • Low maintenance cost since tip mass is small and exposed into firebox less than 1" (25 mm)
  • Compact design makes this burner a great choice for retrofit applications
  • Reasonable cost and great value
  • Configurations available: plenum mounted or individual wind-box
  • 304 Stainless Steel fuel gas risers
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) secondary gas tips
  • 310 Stainless Steel (Type HK) primary gas tip
  • Center swirler
GB Power Burner (2)_IMG_2095-CMYK

gb burner

The ZEECO GB low-NOx burner is used for boiler applications.

  • Higher efficiency: Lower excess air and FGR than the competition–lower CO2 footprint and less boiler impact with lower capital cost
  • Wide variety of fuels: Designed to fire fuels from natural gas, #6/#2 fuel oils, low Btu gases (blast furnace gas/ coke oven gas), opportunity fuels, waste streams
  • Highly reliable, field-proven technology: To meet even the most challenging emissions reduction projects while maintaining high efficiency and reliability
  • High heat inputs: GB burners can be designed with heat inputs in excess of 360 MMBtu/hr per burner
  • Multi-industry applications: One burner that can be applied to all boiler types, included package/industrial/utility/ fluidized bed/stoker boilers
  • New boilers: Applicable for cost-effective new boiler applications
  • Retrofit boiler applications: The GB burner installation can be recognized with little to no pressure part modifications
  • Minimal start-up time: Pre-engineered burner systems, along with physical modeling, allow for minimal field startup time
  • Total system approach: Full Scope of supply with BMS/combustion controls/valve trains/installation/commissioning
  • Value pricing: Lower risk, safer, more reliable burner technology, backed by the strength of one of the world’s largest and most trusted combustion companies


Zeeco can provide combustion and emissions control solutions wherever hydrocarbon processing takes place. Customers can find our equipment and services in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and energy processes.

We also offer products and support for other industries and applications such as tank/terminal loading and storage, pharmaceutical, carbon black, pulp & paper, steel, food processing, and more.