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Flame Scanners

Reliable flame detection and background flame signal suppression

Proflame integrated flame scanners

Zeeco offers a complete line of integrated flame scanners that provide reliable flame detection, and superior background flame signal suppression for single and multiple burner applications. Each ZEECO® ProFlame™ and ProFlame+™ model is easy to configure, simple to set up, and uniquely designed for safer operation in hazardous or non-hazardous areas.

The ProFlame is designed for industrial applications and offers an adjustable flame relay pull-in time, service dipswitch, adjust dipswitch, and raw flame signal measuring pins for advanced troubleshooting and signal analysis.

The ProFlame+ is designed for utility applications and has similar features to the ProFlame, with more intricate tuning to discriminate a target flame from a background flame, additional flame relay dropout time, separate flame-on and flame-off threshold settings for the frequency components of the flame signal, and a PC software interface.

The ZEECO® ProFlame™ industrial grade flame scanner revolutionizes the industry by providing reliable flame detection and instant flame status for safer operation. Easy to configure, simple to set up, the Model ZPF-110 (II 2G EExd IIC T6) is uniquely designed for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas.

ProFlame Integrated

Proflame+ utility grade flame scanners

The ZEECO® ProFlame+™ integrated flame scanner revolutionizes the industry by providing reliable flame detection and superior background flame discrimination for safer operation. Easily configurable set points using intuitive PC-based software also allows for in-depth flame analysis.

ProFlame Utility

vortex cooled flame scanners

ZEECO® Flame Scanners use vortex tube cooling technology to spot cool the scanner internals. Vortex tubes use compressed air as a power source, have no moving parts, and operate according to accepted physical properties of energy and motion.

Simply put, vortex tubes provide a simple, reliable method of producing hot and cold air and make ZEECO Flame Scanners easy to own and to maintain long term.

How does a vortex tube work? Compressed air enters the tube through nozzles that are perpendicular to the internal counterbore. (see illustration). The nozzles cause the air to spin (form a vortex). The valves within the tube allow some air, warmed by the energy of the spinning, to escape. The rest returns through the tube, forming a second vortex inside the core of the larger/outer vortex. The inner vortex loses angular momentum, shedding heat as the lost energy. The heat transfers to the outer vortex and is exhausted through warm air outlets. Thus, the inner vortex becomes cooler and the outer vortex becomes warmer. The cooled air exits at a cold air exhaust, providing up to a 50°F (28°C) temperature drop from the incoming compressed air.

Vortex Cooled Flame

Flame simulator

Flame simulation for IR and UV Flame Scanner - includes a threaded receptacle for models ZPF 110, 120, 130, 1100, and 1200

Flame Simulator


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