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The ZEECO® Contour™ delivers automated, real-time, direct monitoring, and flare control at a fraction of the cost of indirect measurement systems. Unlike other systems that require direct contact with the flare header, ZEECO Contour uses infrared (IR) technology to assess the flare combustion zone and inject the optimal volume of assist media to ensure proper combustion with high destruction efficiency (DE) – independent of the waste gas composition and flow. Plants around the world operate this system at grade to optimize flare control, prevent non-compliance with environmental regulations, reduce utility consumption, prolong equipment life, and enhance destruction efficiency (DE).


ZEECO Contour System Advantages:

  • Direct, real-time assessment of the combustion zone and automatic smokeless medium injection
  • Ability to differentiate between different waste gas streams
  • External to flare header, maintainable without shutting down flare
  • External to the heat affected zone, maintainable from grade
  • New IR spectrum and methodology overcome shortcomings of previous opacity monitors and similar optical technologies
  • Saves utilities, particularly at turn-down and minimum flows
  • Affordable versus indirect measurement systems
  • Assists with compliance to NHVcz regulations
  • Field-proven technology
  • Multiple monitors can be integrated for redundancy
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The EPA is requiring compliance with 40 CFR Parts 60 and 63 by January 31, 2019. Be ready with ZEECO® FlareGuardian™, winner of Hydrocarbon Processing’s 2018 Award for Best Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Implementation.

Zeeco’s FlareGuardian flare monitor is an innovative and revolutionary instrument utilizing patented Video Imaging Spectro-Radiometry (VISR) technology. FlareGuardian provides flare system users and operators with accurate, reliable real-time reporting and feedback to determine important performance metrics, simplify compliance, and optimize flare performance. The known shortcomings of current indirect monitoring methods, combined with the new EPA standards and deadlines, spawned the development of a new flare combustion efficiency (CE) measurement and monitoring method – a technology that can be used to directly, autonomously, and continuously measure CE and smoke levels in real time.

This cutting-edge flare combustion efficiency (CE) measurement and monitoring technology overcomes issues with current indirect monitoring methods and meets stringent EPA standards. FlareGuardian can be used for direct, autonomous, and continuous measurement of CE and smoke levels. Operators will be able to eliminate tedious aiming and data reduction, as well ongoing operation and maintenance costs associated with other flare monitoring methods, while staying in compliance with the Refinery RTR rule under 40 CFR 63.670.

ZEECO FlareGuardian Features and Benefits:

  • Provides real-time combustion efficiency, smoke index, flame stability, flame footprint, heat release, and pilot status for a complete picture of flare performance
  • Autonomous data collection (DCS or PLC) for optimized flare performance
  • Simplify monitoring, reporting, and compliance activities
  • Remote mounted, non-contact monitoring
  • More accurate results versus indirect monitoring
  • Eliminates need for monitoring surrogate parameters
  • Short measurement cycle (milliseconds, averaged over seconds to 15 minutes, variable) enables quick response and minimizes cost for supplemental fuel, steam, or air
  • Industrial closed loop interface allows for flare operation and control based on direct combustion efficiency and smoke index values in real-time
  • Easy installation and maintenance, uninterrupted production processes, no shutdown required, and no calibrations


The patented ZEECO® VerifEye™ fiber optic pilot monitoring system is integrally mounted in the flare pilot to relay the status of each unique pilot flame in real-time to an at-grade monitor. The monitors incorporate flame flicker technology to discern between the pilot and flare flame, delivering a precise and immediate signal both among the pilots and between the pilots and the flare flame. The system more accurately controls pilot ignition and function because it operates in real-time.

To eliminate maintenance issues, the entire VerifEye system, including cables, fasteners, and connectors, is constructed for high-temperature applications and focuses on the pilot flame from a safe distance within the pilot housing – not in contact with any combustion-affected zones. Our engineers centered the fiber optic assembly in the air-gas premix piping, so the continuous flow of air and gas during operation creates a thermal barrier against combustion temperatures.

The VerifEye system is significantly more responsive than a thermocouple, more accurate than a flame rod or typical optical monitor and has a longer expected equipment life than any other technology on the market today.

ZEECO VerifEye Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate, real-time pilot status monitoring, regardless of wind or flame conditions
  • Exceptional equipment life for reliable performance between scheduled turnarounds
  • Discriminates among individual pilot flames and between pilot and flare flame
  • Remote, non-contact monitor mounted at grade
  • Instantaneous notification of pilot failure reduces chances for unintended atmospheric venting


Zeeco can provide combustion and emissions control solutions wherever hydrocarbon processing takes place. Customers can find our equipment and services in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and energy processes.

We also offer products and support for other industries and applications such as tank/terminal loading and storage, pharmaceutical, carbon black, pulp & paper, steel, food processing, and more.