The ZEECO® Contour™ delivers automated, real-time, direct monitoring, and flare control at a fraction of the cost of indirect measurement systems. Unlike other systems that require direct contact with the flare header, ZEECO Contour uses infrared (IR) technology to assess the flare combustion zone and inject the optimal volume of assist media to ensure proper combustion with high destruction efficiency (DE) – independent of the waste gas composition and flow. Plants around the world operate this system at grade to optimize flare control, prevent non-compliance with environmental regulations, reduce utility consumption, prolong equipment life, and enhance destruction efficiency (DE).

Contour Flare Smokeless Control

ZEECO Contour System Advantages:

  • Direct, real-time assessment of the combustion zone and automatic smokeless medium injection
  • Ability to differentiate between different waste gas streams
  • External to flare header, maintainable without shutting down flare
  • External to the heat affected zone, maintainable from grade
  • New IR spectrum and methodology overcome shortcomings of previous opacity monitors and similar optical technologies
  • Saves utilities, particularly at turn-down and minimum flows
  • Affordable versus indirect measurement systems
  • Assists with compliance to NHVcz regulations
  • Field-proven technology
  • Multiple cameras can be integrated for redundancy
Contour™ Smokeless Flare Control System
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