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Zeeco’s new, patented FlareGuardian™, formerly known as FlareSentry, eliminates inaccuracies and delayed results inherent to indirect flare monitoring. Rather than determining compliance and combustion efficiency through a time-consuming, repetitive process of measuring inputs, assuming reactions and velocities, and arriving at an assumed operating status, FlareGuardian utilizes Video Imaging Spectro-Radiometry (VISR), a real time advanced multi-spectral imager, that directly, remotely, autonomously, and continuously measures combustion efficiency (CE) in real time. Unlike a passive Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) system, FlareGuardian’s VISR technology captures all the spectral bands for each pixel at the same time. The accuracy of the VISR technology removes the need for indirect surrogate parameters such as Combustion Zone Net Heating Value (CZNHZ) and tip velocity. When required, the FlareGuardian system automatically adjusts supplemental fuel additions, as well as any assist source (gas, steam, or air) via a closed-loop control system – lowering costs for supplemental fuel while maintaining required destruction efficiency (DE).

FlareGuardian also allows operators to eliminate tedious aiming, data reduction, and ongoing operation and maintenance costs associated with other flare monitoring methods while staying in compliance with Refinery RTR rule under 40 CFR 63.670. Previously, flare operators have been limited to indirect flare monitoring options including Gas Chromatograph (GC), calorimeters, flare gas flow meters and monitoring, and steam / air controls. Now, the maintenance and calibration-free Zeeco FlareGuardian offers an alternative direct monitoring system that eliminates ongoing maintenance and operational costs.

Cost savings vary depending on the current indirect monitoring method, but in many cases operators can save more than 50% of the capital, operation, and maintenance costs over the life of the equipment. Based on VISR’s unique multi-spectral Infrared (IR) imager, FlareGuardian uses a high frame rate, high spectral selectivity, and high spatial resolution over a fast data acquisition cycle of 91–33ms.

Design Features and Benefits:

  • Provides real-time combustion efficiency, smoke index (SI), flame stability and footprint, heat release, and pilot status for a complete picture of flare performance
  • Autonomous data collection (DCS or PLC) for optimized flare performance
  • Simplify monitoring, reporting, and compliance activities
  • Patented technology
  • Remote mounted, non-contact direct monitoring
  • Direct, more accurate results versus indirect monitoring
  • Smoke index assists in achieving incipient smoke conditions day and night
  • Eliminates need for monitoring surrogate parameters
  • Short measurement cycle (milliseconds, averaged over seconds to 1 minute) enables quick response and minimizes cost for supplemental fuel, steam, or air
  • Industrial interface allows for closed loop flare operation and control based on direct combustion efficiency and smoke index values
  • Easy installation and maintenance, uninterrupted production processes