Truck Loading Facility

ZEECO® Vapor Recovery Systems

Wherever fuels are loaded into trucks, ships or rail cars, VOCs can escape into the atmosphere and create both harmful and unacceptable emissions levels.

Zeeco offers the industry's most advanced vapor recovery systems (VRUs) to match your precise application to ensure maximum capture of hydrocarbon vapors. We custom-engineer vapour recovery or control systems for all fuel compositions and concentrations, flow rates, and ambient conditions. What's more, our carbon bed and mechanical VRU systems are designed to recover the maximum amount of liquids that can be monetized as valuable energy, while eliminating fugitive emissions that can lead to unsafe operating conditions.

  • Standard systems for the oil and gas industry, including:
    • Marine loading terminals
    • Truck loading terminals
    • Railcar loading
    • Storage terminals
    • Oil tanks
    • Well sites
    • Gas treatment facilities
  • Maximum recovery rate of liquids
  • Simple operation
  • Low operating costs
  • Liquid ring or dry vacuum pump systems