About Zeeco


Zeeco Culture and Community

Respect and Responsiveness

As an organization with 20 global offices and more than 1,300 employees and agents, Zeeco creates work environments built on mutual respect, personal encouragement, professional integrity, and limitless opportunity. No matter where our customers meet a Zeeco employee or representative, they enjoy the same attention to detail and one-on-one responsiveness that distinguishes us from any other company in our industry.

Because Zeeco is an independent company that doesn't answer to stockholders or seek approvals from mega conglomerates, our people can remain nimble and agile through every stage of a project. Zeeco's leadership also encourages creative thinking and decisive action to set a higher standard of customer service.

  • Throughout the year, Zeeco is committed to sharing knowledge with its employees so they can work smarter and more efficiently.
  • Zeeco's ongoing training sessions held at our global headquarters attracts employees from around the world to better understand our products, technologies and the science behind them.
  • Zeeco's internship programs attract the best and brightest engineering students in the world. Here, we prepare them for a career through hands-on project participation and international travel to interact with our customers and contractors.
  • Zeeco's onsite medical clinic at our global headquarters ensures our employees remain healthy and receive immediate attention should they require a medical professional.
  • As individuals, we are committed to helping each other succeed.
  • As a company, we demonstrate our stewardship and caring spirit to the environment, each other, our neighbors, and the communities we call home – whether it's a storm-ravaged neighborhood that needs restoration and repair, or a sports team looking for a sponsor to support their ambitions.