About Zeeco


The History of Zeeco, Inc.

A Legacy of Passion, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Formed in 1979, Zeeco began its operations in a rented facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a handful of employees. Back then, the company focused on manufacturing machined parts for the aerospace industry and oil and gas production equipment. But soon, Zeeco set its sights on returning to the industry it had long ago pioneered – that of advanced combustion technology for markets that required heat to power their processes.

Zeeco didn't exactly zoom to the top of the combustion industry right away, but the company did manage to attain major early successes that resulted in repeat business. This kind of manageable growth enabled Zeeco's leadership to purchase 200 acres in Broken Arrow, just east of Tulsa. There, the company began construction of a 20,000 square foot facility. Within the footprint of that space, a world-class product research and test facility was also built. By increasing market share through its next-generation process, power and duct burners, liquid and gas flaring systems, thermal oxidizers, vapor control systems, and an aftermarket rapid response service network, Zeeco operated lean and financially wise without incurring long-term debt.

Zeeco campus

Since its early years, Zeeco has grown exponentially with a fierce competitiveness that has made this entrepreneurial company a force with which to be reckoned. Today, as the world looks to cleaner, greener processes, Zeeco engineers the lowest emissions combustion equipment available. With 20 locations that serve virtually every continent and thousands of equipment installations to its credit, Zeeco continues to expand its global presence, counting more than 1,300 employees and agents, four strategically located manufacturing facilities, and the largest product research and test facility on the planet.

Zeeco teest furnace #1
ZEECO® Test Furnace #1 (1985)