Zeeco History

Pioneers in the Industry

A Legacy of Passion, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship 

In 1951, John Smith "Jack" Zink began his illustrious career in combustion technology working for his father’s firm, the John Zink Company. Working closely with his father, Jack quickly garnered recognition as one of the foremost combustion experts in the world. He rose through the ranks of the company to become president, a position he held until he departed the firm in 1979.

Jack’s departure marked the end of the Zink family’s affiliation with the John Zink Company and the beginning of a new era in the combustion industry. That same year, Jack purchased a small company called “Product Manufacturing.” He would later rename this company “Zeeco” and focus on what the Zink family knew better than anyone else, combustion equipment for the oil and gas industry. 

Ariel Shot of Zeeco Headquarters

Jack spent the 1980s nurturing Zeeco’s growth through increased market share and technical innovation. This growth continued through the 1990s, including the addition of Jack’s son, Darton Zink, who began working in Zeeco’s Research/Development and Test Facility. Following in his father’s footsteps, Darton, too, became one of the brightest minds in the combustion industry. In 2000, Darton assumed the role of President and CEO of Zeeco.

Today, Zeeco celebrates a 40-year, three-generation family history in advanced combustion and environmental solutions. Zeeco continues the legacy of growth and success by providing personalized service and innovative combustion solutions, at the highest quality in the industry.

Zeeco Workers at Test Facility
Zeeco Test Facility
Crane Lifting Part to Workzone
Workers adjusting equipment