Ammonia Production Facility Safety Upgrades, Ammonia Plant Reformers, Boiler Burners, Low Btu Flare Systems, and Thermal Oxidizer Equipment by Zeeco

Zeeco is a proud sponsor of the AIChE Ammonia Safety Symposium.

At Zeeco, we understand ammonia production is complicated. When you’re upgrading your ammonia facility to comply with rigorous environmental and safety requirements, you need a combustion company that understands the intricacies of your business and the importance of your deadlines. With over 20 global locations, Zeeco is ready to solve your most pressing thermal process challenges and provide exceptional customer service, unparalleled by any other manufacturer in the industry.


Zeeco’s combustion engineers and ammonia experts have worked in facilities across the globe, upgrading everything from reformers and boiler burners to low Btu flares and thermal oxidizers. Utilizing Zeeco’s combustion research and test facility – the largest of its kind in the world – our experts have conducted extensive testing and validation to cultivate innovative advances in design considerations for the stable, efficient, and clean combustion of ammonia process gas.

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Flaring Up
Kirsten Berg, Zeeco Inc., USA, outlines specific design considerations for flaring in ammonia and urea production.
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Thermal Oxidizers

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