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Incineration is a thermal process for converting waste gases or liquids to an environmentally acceptable condition. Our systems are capable of achieving 99.9999% destruction efficiency. The basic incineration system is comprised of an auxiliary fuel burner, a refractory-lined chamber, a discharge vent stack, and a control system. These components are described below:

Auxiliary Fuel Burner

This burner is provided to maintain the system operating temperature at the level necessary to achieve the desired performance. The burner can be fired with either gaseous or liquid fuel. The burner design is an integral portion of the incineration system design to provide the proper heat release profile and flame envelope to assure proper destruction of the waste gases or liquids.

Refractory Lined Chamber

Waste gas or waste liquid incineration requires that the incoming waste be treated (1) at a high temperature (typically 1200 to 2000°F), (2) for a minimum residence time (typically 0.5 to 2.0 seconds) and (3) in an environment to ensure proper turbulent mixing of fuel, air, and waste. To meet these requirements, a steel vessel lined with high temperature refractory is provided. The vessel size and refractory materials are selected to be compatible with the waste stream and to meet the basic time, temperature, and turbulence requirement.

Discharge Vent Stack

A vent stack transports the flue gas exiting the incinerator to the atmosphere. The vent stack height is fixed by flue gas dispersion requirements to avoid interference with other plant structures or operations. Vent stacks available separately.

Control System

An automatic control system is an integral portion of each incinerator. The control system assures that the unit will be operated in a safe manner to protect both personnel and equipment. To meet performance objectives, the waste combustion is performed under controlled and repeatable conditions. Typically, the control system monitors and actively controls flue gas temperatures, combustion/quench air flows, fuel pressures/flow, and flame stability to ensure safe and consistent equipment operation.

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