Acid Gas/BTEX ThermOx

Acid Gas/BTEX Thermal Oxidizers for Gas Processing

Zeeco offers both standard and customized waste disposal solutions for a variety of gas plant incineration applications, including thermal oxidation of amine treater off-gases (acid gas or tail gas), glycol dehydration vapors (BTEX), and SRU tail gas.

Zeeco's standard thermal oxidizers are available on short notice for purchase or rental, and offer the following available features:

Typical Performance:

  • Destruction Efficiency (DRE) up to 99.9999%
  • NOx emissions <30 ppm(vd) at 2% oxygen level
  • NFPA 86-compliant Burner Management System (BMS)

Typical Applications:

  • Amine Treater Acid Gas
  • Glycol Dehydration System/BTEX Off Gas
  • SRU Tail Gas
  • Tank Vents

Design Features:

  • Skid mounting is available: No extensive field wiring or plumbing between the thermal oxidizer and fuel rack
  • 30' and 60' standard stack heights
  • Zeeco's AR/GS-1 HEI pilot ignition system – pilot can be ignited and fired even when completely submerged underwater!
  • Full color touch screen interface (HMI) with built-in diagnostics
  • Cellular telephone modem for remote monitoring and assistance