Down-Fired Salt/Caustic

Down-Fired Salt/Caustic

Downfired Incineration Systems typically treat wastes containing inorganic salts (NaCl, Na2SO4, Na2S), organic salts (acetates and oxalates of alkali metals), caustic liquids, and non-combustible solid materials. Downfired Incineration Systems or Thermal Oxidizers earn their namesake from vertically-oriented burners located at the top of the incinerator that fire downwards. Zeeco's design promotes longer refractory life as well as accumulation space for any non-combustible solids contained in the waste gas. Many Zeeco downfired incineration systems employ additional equipment such as baghouses, multi-clone filters, and electrostatic precipitators to provide enhanced particulate removal capability.

Typical Performance:

  • Residence time = 2.0 seconds
  • Operating temperature = 1650 to 2000°F (900 to 1100°C)
  • Waste Destruction Efficiency (DRE) > 99.9999%
  • Particulate emissions rates = 0.005 to 0.08 grains/DSCF

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical plants
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Spent caustic waste streams
  • Organic/Inorganic salt solutions
  • Wood products waste streams
  • Biomass-to-Energy processes
  • Catalyst applications

Design Features:

  • Refractory materials selected for low porosity to minimize salt attack
  • Proprietary design minimizes molten salt contact with refractory walls to promote maximum refractory life
  • Proprietary design "freezes" molten salts prior to contact with downstream heat recovery/particulate removal equipment
  • Particulate removal equipment may include baghouses, multi-clone filters, electrostatic precipitators, or venturi scrubber
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