Acid Gas/BTEX ThermOx

Halogenated Hydrocarbon Incinerators/Thermal Oxidizers

Halogenated hydrocarbons are those containing chlorine, bromine, fluorine, iodine, etc. Chlorine is the most common halogen encountered in petrochemical plant waste. Vinyl chloride plants commonly use our incinerators, but Zeeco produces a full range of solutions for all gas and liquid halogenated hydrocarbon wastes.

Typical Performance:

  • Residence time = 2.0 seconds
  • Operating temperature = 1800 to 2200°F (982 to 1204°C)
  • Waste Destruction Efficiency (DRE) > 99.9999%

Typical Applications:

  • Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) / Ethylene Dichloride (EDC)
  • Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride Biphenyls (PCB's)
  • Brominated waste streams

Design Features:

  • For small systems involving small amounts of HCl, a single stage caustic scrubber is typically sufficient for environmental compliance
  • For larger systems, Zeeco recommends a two-stage absorber/scrubber, where HCl can be recovered as a liquid byproduct
  • Waste heat recovery can be supplied via a firetube-style boiler integrated between the thermal oxidizer and the packed column