Nitrogen Bearing Waste Thermal Oxidizer

Multi-Stage Low-NOx Incinerator/Thermal Oxidizer

High temperature incineration of nitrogen-bound wastes in a traditional excess-air environment produces unacceptable levels of nitrogen oxide emissions. To limit the formation of NOx, Zeeco employs a multi-stage Low-NOx incineration process. Zeeco’s experience with nitrogen bound waste thermal oxidizers includes systems ranging in size from 1.0 MMBtu/hr (0.25 MMKcal/hr) to more than 450 MMBtu/hr (114 MMkcal/hr). The combustion chamber can range in size from 4.0' (1.0m) to 18' (5.5m) diameter.

Typical Performance:

  • NOx emissions for Nitrogen Bound Waste Streams <100 ppm (vd)
  • Waste Destruction Efficiency (DRE) > 99.99% (available up to 99.9999%)

Typical Applications:

  • Petrochemical applications involving Amines, Nitriles, etc.
  • Ammonia and/or Cyanide Vapors
  • Sulfur Recovery Units: Sour Water Stripper (SWS) Gas Overhead Streams
  • Carbon fiber manufacturing LT/HT Off-Gas streams
  • Electronics manufacturing vent streams

Design Features:

  • Guaranteed predictable emissions performance
  • Proper re-ignition in oxidizing stage
  • Burner combustion air is efficiently separated from waste combustion air for optimal control
  • Dependable process control and long-term reliability