Incinerator with Inline Waste Heat Recovery System

Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat recovery equipment reclaims heat from flue gas for use in other process units. The heat is transferred directly from the hot flue gas to a steam boiler or circulating thermal oil system. The quantity of flue gas and the associated exit gas temperature limit the amount of heat recovered. These systems can typically recover up to 70-80% of the theoretical heat available in the flue gas. System heat recovery ranges in size from 1.0 MM Btu/hr to 300MM Btu/hr.

A primary advantage of waste heat recovery is the production of usable heat without any additional fuel expense. Because the waste heat recovery equipment draws heat from flue gas that would normally be discharged to the atmosphere, all heat recovered can be utilized to offset the fuel required to produce process heat in other facility operations. Zeeco waste heat recovery equipment improves overall plant economics and plant efficiency.