Aftermarket Parts

Spare parts, Replacements, Retrofits, and Service

When you need the right part, right now—call us first. From flare tips to pilots and ignition systems, we're competitive on price and unmatched in experience. The ZEECO® Aftermarket Products and Service team has both the engineering and operations experience to understand the problems you face and the timelines you work under. We typically respond to every parts and service request within 24 hours, but if that isn't fast enough, we can deploy our Rapid Response Team… designed to deliver under challenging deadlines. With its own workflow, from purchasing and planning through testing and shipping, the Zeeco Rapid Response Team can quickly produce custom parts without the need to work around normal production.

Need parts? Fill out our parts inquiry form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Whether you need replacement flare tips, gas tips, ignition systems or pilot parts, Zeeco’s parts and service team is ready to help. When you call, you’ll talk to an experienced combustion expert. Quick turnarounds for quotes, fast shipping for parts, and top-notch diagnostics and service—We're there when you need us, worldwide. We understand how proper training for operators prolongs the life of your combustion equipment, reduces long-term maintenance costs, and protects the safety of employees. Put our real-world operational plant experience to work for you. Our trainers offer a full menu of training options from lunch-and-learns to multiple day on-site training. Contact our Aftermarket Parts and Service department for more information about custom training options designed for your situation and equipment.

burner Parts

No other manufacturer in the industry is equipped to serve your spare or replacement industrial burner component needs like Zeeco. Our investment cast or precision machined components are in stock and available to ensure the quickest possible delivery to any facility in the world. We have spare and replacement gas tips, flame stabilizers (also known as cones or diffusers), ignition system components, burner pilot parts, and more – ready when you need them. All components in the heat-affected zone are made from 310 stainless steel (HK) material; however, we can manufacture components out of custom materials as well.

It doesn’t matter if your equipment was manufactured by Zeeco or another combustion equipment supplier, we have what you need to restore, and often improve, the efficiency, functionality, as well as the safety of your vital process or power burner equipment – many times at a lower price than the OEM.


flare PARTS

Flares serve as a safety device during both emergency events and routine operations, so when an unexpected problem with a flaring system occurs, returning the flare to service in the shortest possible time is mission-critical.

Zeeco’s aftermarket group offers a complete inventory of replacement flare tips and components for ZEECO systems and other major flare manufacturers so you never have to hear the words "out of stock" again. Need an emergency rental? Zeeco has you covered there too, from small skid and trailer-mounted flares to elevated systems that stand 300 ft.

  • Complete parts inventory for every flare type with overnight delivery available
  • Rapid Response Team for emergency diagnostic service and on-site repairs
  • Global technical services, including preventive maintenance, installation and commissioning
  • Emergency rentals
  • Flare training
Close up of Flare Pilots

Thermal oxidizer PARTS

At Zeeco, we understand the vital role thermal oxidizers, also known as incinerators, play in the destruction of hazardous waste gases. It's one reason we maintain a wide inventory of parts and critical components ready for immediate shipping. Need an on-site repair? Our global Rapid Response Team is as experienced and knowledgeable as they come and equally committed to returning your product to service in the shortest amount of time. Zeeco also offers emergency rentals when the unexpected occurs to get your operation back online fast.

  • Complete parts inventory for every thermal oxidizer/incinerator system with overnight delivery available
  • Rapid Response Team for emergency diagnostic service and repairs
  • Global technical services, including preventive maintenance, installation, and commissioning
  • Emergency rentals
  • Thermal oxidizer/incinerator system training
Picture of several Thermal Oxidizer parts

vapor PARTS

Our Aftermarket team is here to assist with any part needs you may have. Regardless of the manufacturer, we procure parts for all Vapor Recovery (VRU) systems domestically and globally. Zeeco partners with many original parts manufacturers to ensure we provide the exact specifications for your replacement parts needs.

Our focus is to provide you with great quality replacement parts at the best value, and quickest turnaround. We understand downtime is not an option. That's why we maintain the industry's most extensive supply chain knowledge base to ensure your equipment is back online and performing with minimal downtime. 

Zeeco is your one-stop-shop for

  • Carbon testing and replacement
  • Actuators
  • Pumps
  • Gaskets
  • Filters
  • Control panel components

Our new replacement parts undergo rigorous inspection procedures to ensure the quality of our product. Whether you are located at high altitudes, sea level, or in the desert, our parts and service team will back you every step of the way.

Vapor Aftermarket


At Zeeco, we understand not every project requires entirely new construction and, in many cases, it is more feasible for a facility to retrofit existing equipment. There are several reasons facilities choose to retrofit their process burners: reliability issues, maintenance costs associated with operating an older burner, new initiatives to reduce emissions, increased fuel costs, and much more. Whatever your reason may be for retrofitting your current equipment, Zeeco can provide the right solution to ensure your equipment operates like new, or better.

Many combustion systems in service today are outdated and inefficient. Retrofits allow new equipment, Best Available Control Technology (BACT), or additional features to be added to older systems that can improve plant performance / efficiency / reliability / increase throughput / reduce existing emissions for a fraction of the cost for new equipment. Zeeco’s combustion experts and Field Service teams are equipped with engineering and operations experience to understand the challenges you face and the timelines you work under. Consider a Zeeco retrofit solution.

Burner Retrofit


Zeeco can provide combustion and emissions control solutions wherever hydrocarbon processing takes place. Customers can find our equipment and services in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and energy processes.

We also offer products and support for other industries and applications such as tank/terminal loading and storage, pharmaceutical, carbon black, pulp & paper, steel, food processing, and more.