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Pipeline Blowdown

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According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), there are approximately 2.6 million miles of natural gas and hazardous liquid transportation pipelines in the United States. These pipelines receive countless millions of shipments each year and require careful maintenance and service to stay online. Before maintenance or replacement projects can begin, operators must clear a pipeline of gas or “blowdown” the line to relieve pressure. To prevent potentially hazardous gasses from venting or “bleeding-off” to the atmosphere, operators route gasses to a flare that destroys any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that the gas may contain.

Zeeco’s Pipeline Services Division ensures your pipeline blowdown is safe, efficient, and effective. Our combustion experts assess Zeeco’s extensive inventory of open or enclosed flares, determine the optimal configuration for your job, or custom engineer a solution based on your unique requirements.

Common Equipment:

  • Temporary (Rental) Flare
  • Mobile (Trailer-Mounted) Flare Stack
  • Open or Enclosed Flare

Engineering Services:

  • Noise and Radiation Level Surveys and Analysis
Case Study:
Pipeline Blowdown: Expedited Solution
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