Aerial Inspections

Drone inspections through unmanned aerial services

At Zeeco we engineer Flare systems trusted worldwide. That flare system expertise means our rapid response combustion engineers and certified Pilot-In-Command (PIC) drone pilots can provide comprehensive next-day aerial flare stack inspections via Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) – also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Knowing what to look for in an inspection and being able to accurately interpret the results is critically important in an aerial inspection.

Zeeco PICs are certified under 14 CFR Part 107 as commercial UAS operators and are licensed by the FAA for aerial services in the United States. Zeeco PICs offer drone inspection services around the world. The Zeeco combination of PICs and flare system combustion engineers performing aerial flare stack inspections ensures we can immediately pinpoint areas of concern and troubleshoot many combustion issues on-site.

Benefits of aerial drone inspections as performed by Zeeco combustion engineers:

  • Quick turnaround
  • Cost efficient
  • No shutdown
  • No heavy equipment or structures
  • High quality data and expert interpretation
  • Detailed engineering reports

Why Zeeco Elevated Equipment Drone Inspections?

Regular inspections are essential to the safe operation of any production facility. Advancements in drone technology mean Zeeco operators can conduct detailed, up-close aerial inspections of flare equipment using thermal imaging, and natural light cameras, at a safe distance while the system remains online. Drone inspections can be performed in areas that are normally personnel-restricted, while still closely inspecting the dynamic operation of combustion components.

Mechanical Review versus Combustion Engineering Review

While many inspection services exist that offer skilled mechanical review of structures, vessels, towers and other fixed equipment, they tend to lack specialized knowledge of combustion equipment. Evaluating the suitability and status of elevated flare systems largely exceeds the capabilities of routine inspection services. A Zeeco aerial drone inspection provides all the advantages of this inspection method coupled with industry-leading expertise on flare system design, engineering, and operation.

Dynamic feedback can be generated since a process or utility can be modulated while the inspection is underway. Varying the process and utility rates while observing the results provides a more complete understanding of the equipment status, failure mechanisms, and possible future design requirements.