Pipeline Services

Trust the Pipeline Experts

Zeeco is the global leader in combustion and environmental solutions and the only combustion specialist in the pipeline industry. With more than
40 years in business and an ever-growing global installation base of thousands of flare systems, including some of the largest and most complex systems in the world, our 700+ engineers have met every combustion challenge. Zeeco’s Pipeline Services group comprises industry experts and engineers who combine decades of combustion experience with cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions and seamless project execution.

Right Equipment. Right Now. Wherever You Are.

Zeeco maintains the largest fleet of combustion rental equipment in the world, comprised of skid- and trailer-mounted dual vapor/liquid open flares, thermal oxidizers, knockout drums, blower skids, vaporizers, pipeline recompression units, and more. All equipment is designed and built based on combustion testing performed in the world’s largest combustion research and test facility located at our headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. ZEECO® designs are regarded worldwide as the most reliable and efficient systems in operation today, ensuring we perform every project with unparalleled safety and efficiency.

Refinery Applications

Zeeco has been serving the global refining industry for more than 40 years by manufacturing and installing the largest, most complex combustion equipment
in the world. Our technicians are not only familiar 
with all aspects of refinery equipment, but they are also experts on pipelines that lie both inside and outside the boundaries of a refinery. Zeeco specializes in Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (HRVOC) control and measurement and performs any pipeline combustion operation required for refinery maintenance.

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Wide shot of a flare firing in a pipeline blowdown operation

Pipeline Blowdown

According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), there are approximately 2.6 million miles of natural gas and hazardous liquid transportation pipelines in the United States. These pipelines receive countless millions of shipments each year and require careful maintenance and service to stay online. Before maintenance or replacement projects can begin, operators must clear a pipeline of gas or “blowdown” the line to relieve pressure. To prevent potentially hazardous gasses from venting or “bleeding-off” to the atmosphere, operators route gasses to a flare that destroys any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that the gas may contain.

Zeeco’s Pipeline Services Division ensures your pipeline blowdown is safe, efficient, and effective. Our combustion experts assess Zeeco’s extensive inventory of open or enclosed flares, determine the optimal configuration for your job, or custom engineer a solution based on your unique requirements.

Common Equipment:

  • Temporary (Rental) Flare
  • Mobile (Trailer-Mounted) Flare Stack
  • Open or Enclosed Flare

Engineering Services:

  • Noise and Radiation Level Surveys and Analysis
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Rental Pipeline Recompression Device

Pipeline Recompression

Mitigate methane emissions further with ZEECO Pipeline Recompression rental units that connect to your pressurized systems, whether it is a small section of pipe, large transmission pipelines, or pressure vessels. Pressurized gasses are piped to Zeeco's recompression system and can be sent to an adjacent pipeline at a designated discharge pressure. The source pressure can be 1000 psig or greater and reduced as low as 5 psig. Any gas that remains in your pressurized system following this process can be destroyed with a Zeeco portable combustion device to further minimize emissions and your carbon footprint.


Recompression benefits:

  • Zero routine flaring
  • Methane mitigation
  • Minimize emissions
  • Cost savings
  • Recover product
  • Decompression of system with low noise and no visible flame
  • Meet or exceed environmental and safety regulations
Van and trailer deploying for a pigging operation

Pigging Operations 

Pigging operations are a fixed flow rate process and require a careful balance of pressure at both the upstream and downstream sides of a pipeline pig. Zeeco’s flare operators work with pigging operators to achieve optimal pressure differential and maintain pig speed within a safe and acceptable range. Zeeco operators help perform both online and offline pigging work while ensuring the flaring process is performed in a stable manner to achieve high DRE. 

Trailer-mounted flare firing

Pipeline Commissioning 

At Zeeco, we understand new pipeline commissioning involves hundreds of steps from start to finish, and a successful project requires coordinated efforts from experienced professionals. Our expert pipeline service technicians handle all aspects of combustion and work alongside the commissioning team to execute each step of the project.

Workers inspecting equipment

Odorization and Pickling

The odorization of residential gas is a critical process to ensure personnel can detect pipe leaks. Zeeco’s flare operators work hand in hand with odorization specialists to input the proper level of odorant into the line. As the odorization system injects odorant, Zeeco’s operators control emissions through the combustion equipment to ensure a safe and efficient odorization process.


Pipeline Trailers

  • Multi-stream capabilities allow for flaring of both gases and liquids
    • HRVOCs including ethylene, propylene, butylene, and butadiene
    • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL)
    • Liquid Propane Gas (LPG)
  • No electricity required
  • Proprietary supersonic air injection manifold utilizes compressed air for flaring heavy liquids
  • Valving and instrumentation allow operators to throttle flow to the flare
  • Sizes range from 10’ fixed height trailers to hydraulically raised systems of over 60'
Zeeco Combustion Rentals

Enclosed Flare / Vapor Combustor / Thermal Oxidizer – ZEECO Zephyr™

  • Completely hidden flame and zero emitted radiation - well suited for work in close proximity to public areas
  • Residential/High-Consequence Area (HCA)
  • Smokeless performance from 0% to 100% operation
  • Fully automated controls system for automatic flame ignition and monitoring, preheat of the unit for hazardous vapors, and temperature control to increase residence time and destruction efficiency