Equipment & Virtual Witness Testing

In-person or virtual testing capabilties

At Zeeco, the quality of the customer experience is a top priority and we continuously pursue new opportunities to improve the level of service our global customers receive. To build on this commitment, Zeeco is making our world-class combustion testing and quality inspection capabilities remotely accessible. Customers can now participate in inspections, monitor equipment performance, and analyze real-time combustion test data remotely via live stream.

Overview of capabilities available for all ZEECO® products, including process burners and power burners, flare systems, thermal oxidizers, and more: 

Worker using Zeeco Livestream Virtual Testing

Livestream (Virtual) Customer-Witnessed Testing

  • Virtual test hosted by a Zeeco Project Engineer via video conferencing software
  • Livestream video of combustion equipment in operation displayed simultaneously with real-time emissions data
Remote Testing Flare Test

Remote Testing Reports

  • Test photos of combustion equipment in operation, showing flames at each test point
  • Test videos of the equipment in operation at each test point
  • Raw test data readily available
  • Scheduled conference call to discuss results
Workers inspecting equipment

Other Inspection & Witness Points

  • Virtual evaluation hosted by a Zeeco Quality Control Engineer via video conferencing software
    • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)
    • Any standard inspection and test point
  • Livestream video of equipment inspection in accordance with design specifications