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Air Heaters


direct fired

A Direct Fired Air Heater effectively heats air, as needed in a variety of heating processes. This equipment is most commonly employed in Fluidized Catalytic Cracker (FCC) units in petroleum refineries. The direct-fired air heater is primarily intended to be used during start-up operations and short feed outages to heat the catalyst bed in the regenerator section of the FCC unit (catalyst regeneration). During normal operation, the air heater is not fired and air flows directly to the regenerator through the air heater without being heated. The mass flow rate and operating pressure during the un-fired condition may vary from that used during the fired case.

Direct Fired Air Heaters

Pdh air heaters

PDH regeneration air heaters must operate reliably through extreme gas velocities, high heat releases of up to one billion Btu/hr, fuel composition variations, temperature/pressure fluctuations, and more. Zeeco’s robust vessel, burner, and mounting system designs deliver dependable results in harsh conditions and provide lower emissions, improved reliability, and flexibility for the long term.

Exterior of a PDH Air Heater


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